Wilcox Memorial Town Hall
20 Wilcox Circle
Milan, New York 12571
Phone 845.758.5133
Fax 845.758.0445

Welcome to Milan...

Formerly part of the Town of Northeast and the original Nine Partners Patent, Milan Township was incorporated in 1818, when many changes in County and Town alignments were taking place. At that time agriculture was the prevailing but difficult enterprise due to the local topography. A growing population saw the rise of eight hamlets with six post offices and various general stores, smiths, mills and one-room schoolhouses. Today, many of these buildings survive and have been converted to residential use. While the topography has changed little, Milan sitting astride the Taconic State Parkway in the north-central part of the County has become an essentially residential community with an attractive mix of 18th and 19th century homes and newer construction. There are approximately one thousand homes and twenty-five hundred inhabitants, about half of who reside here part-time. Agriculture remains a small but highly cherished part of the Town’s diverse activity.

Milan is home to two public parks within its 36 square miles. Wilcox Park, a superb county facility is the result of the bequest of Milan benefactor Irene Wilcox. Our Town Recreation Park accommodates various athletic and social functions such as baseball and Community Day. Through her philanthropy, Mrs. Wilcox also donated the twenty-two acre parcel on which our Town Hall sits. She personally directed the design and construction of the original classically styled building.

Today, Milan has neither a village center nor a post office. Our children attend classes at one of three Central School Districts: Red Hook, Rhinebeck or Pine Plains. Residents are fortunate to enjoy a somewhat rural lifestyle and we are committed to maintaining it so. Individuality, privacy and diversity are highly valued here and we prefer to avoid suburban development concepts and way of life. We welcome to our community those who enjoy a bucolic lifestyle and share a willingness to sustain it.