Wilcox Memorial Town Hall
20 Wilcox Circle
Milan, New York 12571
Phone 845.758.5133
Fax 845.758.0445

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Committees working for Town of Milan



Town Board
Supervisor:                   Alfred Lo Brutto              
Members:                     Jack Campisi                                                                           Debra Blalock
                                     William Jeffway
                                     Douglas Raelson
Supervisor's Secretary:     Victoria Lo Brutto

Town Clerk Office
Town Clerk:                
Catherine M. Gill
Deputy Town Clerk:     Darlene Palmatier

Planning Board
Chairperson:    Thomas Darby
Members:         Stephen Callahan
                        James Jeffreys
                        John Mautone
                        Kevin Pike
                        Ann Patty
                        Radford West          
Board Clerk     Karen Buechele

Zoning Board of Appeals
Chairperson:     Phillip Zemke
Members:         Stephanie Fitzpatrick
                         Ingrid Kulick
                         Rocco Mancin  
Travis McHale                       
Secretary          Karen Buechele

Board of Assessors
Roberta Egan
Members:                     Thomas Darby
Elizabeth Burns                           
Assessor’s Clerk:         Debbie Fraenkel

Board of Assessment Review
Chairperson:                 Robert Bard
Members:                     Ginny Sidorik
                                   William Gallagher
                                   Deborah Mautone
                                   Jacqueline Reynolds

Justice Court
Town Justices:  Richard Mattson
                        Kenneth J. Kremenick
Justice Clerks:  Nathaniel Chase
                       Denise Murphy                         

Highway Department
Superintendent:            Glenn Butler
Staff:                           Dirk Depuy
                                   David Law
                                   Delmar Longest
                                   TJ Turnrose
                                   Thomas Burns

Code Enforcement Office
Code Enforcement Officer:     Sam Harkins
Inspector Unsafe Buildings:    Sam Harkins                

Dog Control Office
Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Milan Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Chief:                             Kurt Mizgier
Chief Email:


Recreation Committee
Chairperson:     Keith Wheeler

Ethics Committee
Chairperson:     TBD
Members:         Catherine Gill
                        Diane Goetz
                        William Mansfield
                        Anna Varlaro
                        Joan Wyant

Veterans Committee 
Chairperson:          Tim Williams 
Members:              Reginald Coon
                             William Gallagher
                             Alan Kulick
                             Thomas Mann
                             Ben Trivelli                         

Town Historical Committee  
Town Historian:     Victoria Lo Brutto      

Conservation Advisory Committee (C.A.C.)

Milan Seniors
President:                    Tom Mann
Vice President:             Ann Mancini
Treasurer:                     Pat Sidorik
Secretary:                    Ginny Sidorik
Town Board Liaison:      Frank Christensen

Investment Committee
Chairperson:     Alfred Lo Brutto
Members:         Jack Campisi

Town Custodian
Town Hall:
    Bill Mansfield